How to challenge the deep-sea movement 5-1 level of Duroc mainland Wu Soul Awakening? You can only get the activity reward after completing the challenge. The editor will share with you the customs clearance method of the first pass in the fifth chapter of the deep-sea movement. Players who want to understand the skills of the deep-sea movement 5-1, hurry up to discuss the specific ways of playing with the editor. [ n] Deep-sea music chapter 5 introduction Daquan [ n] Duroc mainland martial arts awakening deep-sea music 5-1 clearance strategy: [ n] Deep-sea music 5-1 play video:


everyone click on the video to play online, according to the lineup in the video can be easily passed. [ n] or refer directly to the lineup position in the figure below, you can also go through customs easily. [ n] this time I will tell you some practical information. As we all know, the level of Soul Master is very important, and there are only two ways to get it. One is the experience potion [ n]. The other is the experience potion [ n] figure 1 is the experience value 1587K obtained by opening the experience potion, and figure 2 is a member of the Zongmen Imperial Hall. [ n] figure 3 shows me replacing the 10-star Bai Baoshan with the 12-star Liu Erlong, and then figure 4 shows the experience value gained by opening the experience potion after changing members! [ n] my friends, have you given up? [ n] the protagonist's experience is too important, they all put the high star in the hall with the protagonist's experience, but change the soul master when prescribing the experience potion, especially small krypton players, there are not many full stars. There will be a lot of experience.